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Spot The Spray Tan

So you've never tried a Fabutan Spray Tan. What's stopping you?
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Customize Your Colour

Light1-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Great for light/medium to medium skin.

Medium2-4 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Great for medium to medium/dark skin.

Dark3-5 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Great for medium/dark to dark skin.

Enhancer *OptionalConditions and balances skin for a natural look. Show results in half the time.

Choose Your MyxersOptional bronzers available to show colour in minutes. Available in single or triple boost.

Sun-Kyssed BronzerWill add more of a bronze tone to the skin and is the most neutral for all skin under-tones. Best on medium to dark skin tons.

Mocha-Kyssed BronzerEnjoy a deep radiant glow with warm, brown undertones. Best for olive to medium skin tone.

Honey-Kyssed BronzerFor golden or more yellow undertones. Adds a natural golden tone, perfect for for blond or red hair, blue and green eyes. Best for fair skin.

Add an AromaAdd an aromatic experience to your Spray session, leaving your skin with a light and refreshing fragrance.

  • Coconut Lime

  • Warm Vanilla

  • Desert Bloom

  • Fresh

  • Sport

  • Seasonal Scents Available!

Flawless Results

Fabutan’s flawless formulation features a blend of paraben-free ingredients that deliver a superior, long lasting, natural-looking tan.

Our fully enclosed booth features a revolutionary odour control system that helps eliminate the scent of DHA development reaction. The formulation was developed in a fragrance-free, bronzer-free, clear based solution, and allows you to customize your experience with scents, colour levels and myxers!

A thermal fan circulates warm air throughout the booth, quickly capturing and removing excess spray particles during the spray session, and continuously replenishing the environment with warm, fresh air. While our booth adds heat to your tanning experience, the additional full body drying feature during the application process ensures a comfortable experience with flawless results.

Fabutan's Flawless Spray Tan Guarantee

We promise you’ll love the way you look with a Spray Tan from Fabutan - add an ENHANCER® to your session and we’ll even guarantee it!

Our quality commitment to you is:

  • A fast-drying and streak-free experience
  • 100% natural looking results
  • Professional, Spray Tan certified staff
  • Clean, comfortable facilities

Should we fail to deliver according to this guarantee, simply return to your Fabutan location within 72 hours for a complimentary touch up and/or free Spray Tan, as deemed appropriate.

* Some conditions apply. See in-store for details.

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